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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is there a nationality restriction for candidates wishing to apply for the Co-Circulation Scheme?

A:  No, this program is open to all nationalities.

Q: I am a current TÜBİTAK fellow/researchers who receive support, can I apply for CoCirculation2 program?

A: Yes, you can apply to CoCirculation2 program if you fulfil the eligibility requirement but please note that you cannot receive two funding from TÜBİTAK at the same time.

Q: If I am granted the CoCirculation2 fellowship, can I apply for other TÜBİTAK programs such as ARDEB projects?

A: Yes you can apply and be part of different TÜBİTAK projects in various positions but can not benefit/get financial gain.

Q: I am about to finish my Ph.D. Can I apply for the Co-Circulation Scheme?

A: Yes, you can apply as long as you meet the eligibility criteria listed in the guide for applicants.

Q: I do not have a doctorate degree. Can I apply for the program?

A: Yes, you can apply if you have at least four years of full-time research experience.

Q: How are the four years of full-time research experience calculated?

A: Reference date is measured from the date when a researcher obtained the degree which would formally entitle to him to embark on a doctorate.

Q: Can I apply to more than one Marie Curie Actions at the same time?

A: Yes, you can apply more than one Marie Curie Actions. However, you cannot benefit, at the same time, more than one Marie Curie Actions.

Q: Can I apply to both Co-Circulation Scheme and other TÜBİTAK’s support programs at the same time?

A: Yes you can apply both at the same time. However, you cannot benefit both at the same time.

Q: Can I reapply if my application has already been evaluated as unsuccessful?

A: Yes, a second application is possible as long as you fulfill the eligibility criteria. However, the application procedure should be completed and all the documents must be submitted again.

Q: My referees have given me the reference letters for my application. Can I upload them myself? 

A: Yes, you may either upload them or he/she may sent the letters in PDF format by email to the following address cocirculation2@tubitak.gov.tr

Q: I have finished Ph.D but I do not have the diploma from my university yet. Should I upload the provisional certificate?

A: Yes, you may upload the provisional certificate during the application. If you have been accepted to be funded within Co-Circulation Scheme, a copy of Ph.D diploma has to be sent to the Call Secretariat.

Q: Who should prepare the application?

A: The proposal should be prepared jointly by the applicant and the mentor in the host institution. Usually, it is the applicant who prepares the proposal summary and the mentor should agree on the content.

Q: What is the procedure for submitting a report?

A: You may submit your progress and final reports in pdf via email to cocirculation2@tubitak.gov.tr

Q:Is there an age limit for application?

A:No, there is no age limit, but the eligibility criteria have to be met.

Q: Can I apply, if I am currently working outside academia?

A: Yes, researchers currently working outside academia can apply. We offer flexible mobility rule for any researcher envisions to carry out research at a non-academic host institution. However, the eligibility criteria have to be met.

Q: Is it possible to update my application after the submission deadline?

A: No, modifications will not be accepted after the call deadline.

Q: Are Turkish language skills required?

A: Turkish skills are not obligatory, unless they are required for conducting the research project. However, it is recommendable to have basic knowledge for everyday life and integration.

Q: How many CoCirculation2 Fellowships are available?

A: CoCirculation2 offers  25 fellowships each year.

Q: Is it possible to apply for a shorter stay?

A: No, applications for CoCirculation2 programare only possible for 24 months (for first 3 calls).

Q: How many applications can be submitted?

A: Only one application can be submitted per call per person.

Q: How long am I allowed to start the Project if I am successful?

A: Researcher must start the project within 5 months from the date researcher is notified about the fellowship. 

Q: Can the fellowship be prolonged?

A: No, duration of fellowships are fixed which are 24 months for first 3 calls and 12 months for last call.