1. Financial Aspects

CoCirculation2 offers a very attractive salary and TÜBİTAK hopes to receive applications from excellent and well-placed researchers.  The researchers will enjoy attractive conditions of funding and/or salaries with adequate and equitable social security provisions. 

Living allowance: An amount of €4.500 per month will be paid to recruited researchers. This refers to the basic gross amount, for the benefit of the researcher, to be paid (via the host organizations) to the fellows. The living allowance is a gross contribution to the salary costs of the researcher and is taxable in Turkey. 

Mobility allowance: An amount of €550 per month will be paid to recruited researchers. The mobility allowances are flat rate amounts and taxable in Turkey. 

Research, Training and Networking costs: An amount of €800 per month will be provided. It will managed by the host organization of the researcher and used to contribute to the expenses related to research activities involved in the researcher’s project such as participation in training activities, conference visits, work visits etc and expenses related to research costs. Fellows must report on the use of this budget in their 6-monthly reports. 

Special Needs budget: €400 per month allocated for researchers with special needs who need financial support for their daily work. Provisions are made for maximum 5 fellows. 

  1. Support categories and amounts per month are below;
    1. Living allowance : €4.500
    2. Mobility allowance : €550
    3. Research, Training and Networking costs : €800
    4. Special Needs fund for eligible researchers, it is subject to SC approval : €400