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In line with the spirit of the H2020 MSCA, the experienced researchers will have full freedom in the choice of their research topic and of their supervisor. This individual-driven and bottom-up approach guarantees that they can prepare a proposal that follows their research interests and their training needs. Applicants can choose as their main host organisation any academic or non-academic research institute in Turkey with a high international research reputation. To facilitate this process, TÜBİTAK has already received Letters of Commitment from 51 Partner Organisations that have expressed their wish and commitment to host CoCirculation2 fellows.

The project offers a flexible mobility rule for refugees. This will have a positive impact on the growing refugee crisis and will offer employment offers to researchers with refugee status. To encourage applications with non-academic host organisations, CoCirculation2 offers a flexible mobility rule for those applicants who apply with a non-academic host organisation, aiming to increase the number of applications that will be made with non-academic host organisations. The program also introduces a flexible mobility rules for researchers applying for reintegration and career restart panel.