Partner Organizations


Applicants CAN CHOOSE as their main host organisation ANY academic or non-academic research institute in Turkey with a high international research reputation. To facilitate this process, TÜBİTAK has already received Letters of Commitment from 51 Partner Organisations that have expressed their wish and commitment to host CoCirculation2 fellows, which shows the interest amongst academic and non-academic research organizations in the program. These Partner Organisations represent both the academic and non-academic sector and cover a wide range of research areas.

In addition, host organizations will be provided with € 3.120 for projects with 24 months duration and € 1.560 for projects with 12 months duration as host institution contribution.

*The list of “Partner Organizations” is for the referance only, you can choose your host institute as you wish but you have to get a “Letter of Support” from your host. The Letter of Support must be approved by the rector or vice rector for academic institution, for non-academic institution by the head of non-academic institution.