Training Program

To ensure that each fellow has access to a set of non-scientific courses that are essential for the development of their scientific careers, TÜBİTAK proposes a training programthat is open for all fellows to attend. As the full research and training budget is transferred to the fellows, there is no central budget to organise training for the fellows. Therefore, TÜBİTAK will ask the attending fellows for a contribution to cover the costs of the training, accommodation, venue etc.Fellows can pay the participation expenses from their Research, Training and Networking budget. No profits will be made, and TÜBİTAK will endeavour to minimise the costs, without compromising the quality of the courses. TÜBİTAK will ask one university (per event) to organise the training.The training program will be offered to all CoCirculation2 fellows on a non-commercial basis. The training program will include courses and workshops in non-scientific skills that will support the fellows in diversifying their individual competences and accelerate their career development. The events also allow for networking amongst the CoCirculation2 fellows, and they will have an opportunity to meet TÜBİTAK staff. All events will last 2 days. The training topics will be repeated to ensure that each cohort of ERs receives training in all topics. Trainers may include experts from the organising university, from TÜBİTAK or external trainers. The Call Secretariat will provide support to the organising university. An outline of the training program is presented below: