Funding Decision

The Call Secretariat will prepare a proposal for a funding decision, according to the results of the Ranked List and the available number of fellowships (25) for each Call. The formal funding decision is taken by the President of TÜBİTAK. There will also be a reserve list of 8 proposals per call. Applicants on the reserve list may be offered a fellowship when an applicant on the main list withdraws his/her proposal. 

Feedback to Applicants

The eBİDEB portal will be used for informing the applicants of the outcomes of the evaluation and selection process.

Applicants will receive feedback at various points in the selection process. Mentors and applicants can monitor the steps of the evaluation process through the eBİDEB portal.

Applicants will be provided with an Evaluation Summary Report (ESR), which comprises full feedback of the selection committee and the (anonymous) comments.

Redress procedure

Applicants who have any objections to the evaluation process may apply the redress procedure, within 1 week after the evaluation results are published. Requests for redress may be made with regard to procedural issues and not with regard to the scientific judgments of the experts.